Warm Heart

The first time I came across the Warm Heart website, I was very impressed by all their community development projects and their work for the children of the remote northern region of Phrao.

So, when I received the email of Mr Shafer confirming me that I can come in Phrao and visit the Warm Heart microenterprise program, you cannot imagine how I felt happy and enthousiastic for the incredible experience which was waiting for me.


Warm Heart is a community development organization helping people help themselves by improving access to education and basic health services, by creating jobs and sustainable incomes for the poorest in the community of Phrao, and by restoring the environment to sustain future generations.

During my stay at Warm Heart, I was very well received by the founders Michael Shafer and Evelind Schecter. I stayed also with the volunteers that come from many different countries and who all have different missions here according to their specialization and skills.


Visiting the women cooperative working with Warm Heart for the silk program

But my experience at Warm Heart would not have been so magic without all the children living here and the interactions I had with them.


I was also very happy to discover their micro enterprise program that corresponds perfectly to the thematic of the Eco Souring Project: responsible sourcing of raw materials and local communities empowerment.

The micro enterprise program is divided into 4 different projects: Organic Silk Program, Recycled Fashion, Coffee + Reforestation Program and Biochar (organic fertilizer).

If you’re interested by selling Warm Heart products, becoming a volunteer or just getting more informations, please do not hesitate to visit their website and to contact them : http://warmheartworldwide.org

Here you can watch the video interview I made to present Warm Heart and their Microenterprise Program :


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