The first time I learned about lotus fiber was on the Shamengo website when I was watching  the videos they made about sustainable innovation projects and innovative entrepreneurs like Awen, the founder of Samatoa .

Awen Delaval created in Cambodia a fabric made with lotus fiber .


It’s an ancient know-how that disappeared during the 30 years of wars in Cambodia. During the last years, Samatoa has experienced a unique handmade process in order to obtain an exclusive fabric for luxury market .


The lotus fabric looks like a blend of linen and silk and is 100% ecological .


When I met Awen and his colleague Adrien last week in Siem Reap, I had the chance to visit the lotus farm and to learn about the lotus fabric processing. I also realized that there are many unexploited fibers we can find in the nature which can have a huge potential for creating new eco textiles .

All the collections of Samatoa are in 100% natural fibers and made entirely by hand in their workshops thanks to the multicultural collaboration between French and Cambodian fashion experts and an artisanal know how renowned throughout the world .

Samatoa is a fair trade workshop whose first aim is to help Cambodian women living in precarious conditions attains a better living standard by giving them a sustainable professional integration .


Their main objectives are to create 500 jobs in the next years up to 3000 jobs in Cambodia and to commercialize a new eco-fiber every year.

Samatoa was nominated in 2012 for the UNESCO Prize of Excellence concerning its exceptional lotus fabric.

Here you can watch the video I made with Awen Delaval concerning SAMATOA :


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