If you are in Mae Hong Son and want to visit tourism businesses and organizations offering enjoyable, inspiring services which benefit local people and the environment, have a look on this very interesting Community Based EcoTourism Program:

They created a “Green Map” which helps visitors to identify businesses like restaurants, souvenir shops and tour operators that benefit to the environment or local people in Mae Hong Son.

And this Green Map helped me to identify PADONC, an interesting company which corresponds very well to the heart of my subject: a local initiative ›involving the development and recognition of local expertise with the sustainable management of biodiversity and its resources.


PADONC was created 7 years ago in Mae Hong Son by Niran Wichaisakun and her wife. He is an environmental scientist and she is a designer.

They are promoting the Karen culture and traditions by selling their fabrics with respect to the environment.

PADONC is now working with 5 hill tribes. They create decorative items, clothes, bags and souvenirs. All the items are natural dyed and hand woven.

PADONC is now starting to export products in Europe. The success of PADONC in foreign markets shows us that local and responsible initiatives may also succeed by selling in other countries.


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