Coco Khmer

coco khmer

The first time I met Robert Esposito, the founder of Coco Khmer, I was really impressed by all what he achieved since the creation of the company few months ago both on the development of a high quality coconut oil and on the social and environmental outcomes .


Coco Khmer is a social enterprise creating high quality coconut oil and coconut based products. It was created in August 2013 . The facility is based in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia .

Their mission is to make high quality coconut-based products which make people feel great, strengthen community, and preserve Cambodian natural resources.



Coco Khmer is working on the empowerment of families around Boeung Kak Lake, Phnom Penh and in Toch Village, Kampot, through training, community support, and fair wages.



By using the coconut as the base of their products, they hope to reduce their impact on the environment and eventually become a zero-waste, zero-carbon enterprise.

Robert chose the coconut for its incredible versatility, sustainability, and cultural relevance .

When I went through the Coco Khmer webpage, I totally agreed with Rob’s vision of capitalism : ” Coco Khmer is a social enterprise which believes that the founding principals of capitalism are still the best way to alleviate poverty but were founded on the wrong ideology. The virtue of selfishness was a breakthrough in self-realization but was as pre-evolutionary as a tail on humans. While self-awareness and self-responsibility are important steps in human development, they are only tools to help empower others and not something to be used to control others. Based on this understanding, Coco Khmer uses our profits to create a fiscally responsible company which can nurture, empower, provide, and create moderate wealth for a community, instead of concentrating power with those who attempt to satiate insecurity or satisfy greed through manipulation, subjugation, and exploitation.

Our success aims to prove that capitalism with compassion can be a more powerful building force than a destructive one.”

If there are more and more entrepreneurs who have the same economic vision than Coco Khmer’s founder and more and more social enterprise initiatives, real changes are likely to be put in place in our society to move towards a more sustainable world.

Here you can watch the video I made with Robert Esposito concerning his very inspiring initiative :

Special thanks to Chris Desaulniers and Leah Valencia for their khmer interview footage .


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