When I visited southern Lao last month, I was very pleased to discover the Bolaven Plateau .

The Bolaven Plateau is famous for its cool climate, beautiful waterfalls and fertile soil, which is used to grow many types of products including high grade tea and coffee .


I enjoyed so much this area that I decided to find a place to stay and to work .

I found a wwoofing opportunity in a fair trade organic coffee producer where I stayed two weeks .


They were working with a coffee producers association called AGPC .

The Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers’ Groups Association or AGPC was created in 2007 thanks to the French cooperation through its agency AFD (Agence Française de Développement in French), and with the support of the Lao government (Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry – MAF) .


AGPC is a coffee producers organization that gathers together 2,650 families divided into 53 groups. About 60% of these families live below the poverty threshold. Therefore, these producers organized themselves in groups in order to increase the value-added of their products and to fight against all forms of exploitation . 

As a coffee producers association, AGPC has the mission to provide technical and commercial support to its members with the aim of increasing its members’ income by including them in a responsible value chain .

In 2009 AGPC became fair trade and organic certified in order to promote the image of high quality Lao coffee for a sustainable development of the local economy .


Today they are mainly exporting to Malongo, a french coffee company.

Here you can watch the video I made with Chansamone, the general manager of AGPC:



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