After several months of preparation, the great departure has come!

I’m writing now from London where I’m waiting for my next flight to Bangkok.

That was difficult yesterday to say goodbye to my family and to give the last kiss to my boyfriend this morning before the departure…

But  the excitement of starting my Eco-Sourcing Project in South East Asia helped me to rapidly feel better!

I’m so excited to meet actors of change and to discover their great initiatives for a more sustainable world.

I’ve already planned to meet Bruno from the Food Sense tour next Saturday in Chiang Mai. He is doing a world trip to meet sustainable actors of Food: http://foodsensetour.com/en/

I will meet also other travelers passionnated for social innovation and  entrepreneurship. They belong to Make Sense, a community helping social entrepreneurs to solve their challenges.

As you can read it, my head is already in Thaïland. But right now I’m still sitting in the crowdy Heathrow airport London. I feel a bit alone, but I’ve the chance to have a new friend with me. He is called Tito, my new totem from Wimha !


Wimha is a start up based in Toulouse helping travelers to never forget the people they met when traveling. You take a totem and people can leave you a message in memory through the wimha application connected to the totem. They can answer to the question I’ve chosen which is linked to the field of my project : « How do you imagine the world in 10 years, if it’s named « Sustainable world » ?

If you’re inspired by this question, don’t hesitate to send me your answer or to follow my Wimha page by cliking on this link :https://www.wimha.com/myTotemPage/Tito

Tomorrow morning I will be in Bangkok and I will be able to give you my first impressions of the country!  🙂

A presto!



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